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50 Bitcoin Reward for Information on Hole Seekers!

Written by Veldt Gold
Oct 6, 2013
Veldt Gold
Oct 6, 2013

Do you have any information of how the hacker group known as “The Hole Seekers”, identified by a Reddit user, attacked the site Bitcoin.org shortly after the arrest of the alleged producer of the black market group, The Silk Road?

I don’t either, but if you did, there’s a reward that’s been posted and it’s worth 50 Bitcoin!

Bitcoin.org is obviously a Bitcoin forum. It went dark after the seizure of The Silk Market because its security had been compromised. They have responded by stating that the forum won’t go back up until they know how this was done.”

I take him seriously. This is becoming somewhat of a virtual epidemic. I’m not the first patriot out on the frontlines of a controversy, but we have to have a degree of, if not order, at least a quaint understanding affirmed. Some of the specifics of the case are that Bitcoin.org uses forum software made by a non-profit establishment known as Simple Machines.

Those who logged onto Bitcoin.org during the attack witnessed animated explosions and classical music. There was also text imprinted, which read: “Hello friend, Bitcoin has been seized by the FBI for being illegal.” However in reality, only the Bitcoin accumulated by the defender (Ulbricht) has been seized, and plainly, it is still legal.

The hack of the website took place just after the FBI seized 3.6 million worth of Bitcoin from the alleged founder of The Silk Road. The cryptocurrency and Silk Road are mutually exclusive.

I’m not smart enough to know how they did it, but tell me once, and I’m sure I could get it.