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Bank Account Closures Hitting Bitcoin Businesses in Singapore

There are a lot of banks over in Singapore that are closing the accounts of companies and people due to ties in the Bitcoin business. Many Bitcoin businesses and other cryptocurrency businesses are reporting that the banks are force-closing accounts. More than 10 companies have come out to report the bank account closures within the […]

Bitcoin in Russia as a Foreign Currency

The use of Bitcoin in Russia is currently illegal, but news has come out today from an official in Russia’s Ministry of Finance who stated Bitcoin could be used as a foreign currency. The change to the proposed law would not allow Bitcoins to be used domestically, but deputy finance minister Alexei Moiseev said this […]

Buy Silver with Bitcoin and Pay Online With Your Wallet

Enabling millions of users to process payments online without the intervention of banking institutions or needing the use of a credit card since the year of 2008, the popular currency known as Bitcoin provides a great gateway to purchasing goods without the need of keeping track of all of the different foreign exchange rates. Bitcoin, understandably, has become extremely popular […]

Fake PAMP Gold Bars Exposed by Veldt Gold

Fake PAMP Gold Bars have recently arrived at our facility from "sellers" wanting Bitcoin for gold. We feel that by providing this information, we strengthen the Sound Monetarist Community by alerting them before they are harmed, and also because awareness of a scam inhibits a counterfeiters ability to profit, thus nullifying the scam in its [...]