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BitTag – Minute by Minute Bitcoin Value

Written by Veldt Gold
Feb 7, 2014
Veldt Gold
Feb 7, 2014

Bit Tag shows the value of Bitcoin as it shifts because it updates itself every minute. The creator of BitTag hopes to overcome the volatility factor of Bitcoin by adapting it to shift as the market does. The cryptocurrency is changing it’s reputation in a positive way, as some people still associate Bitcoin with online drug markets like the late Silk Road.

“Bitcoin is becoming more popular” says BitTag’s creator, Samuel Cox who describes himself as a creative technologist. Furthermore he stated, “There’s a lack of infrastructure for people to buy things in the physical world because the value changes all the time.”

BitTag costs about 40 English pounds (approximately $65). The tag is able to check the current Bitcoin value via Bluetooth. “Each transaction can be activated by a simple ‘shake’ of the BitTag” the product’s website explains. Enabling a Bitcoin QR code to be displayed on the display and scanned by the user’s smartphone.