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Written by Veldt Gold
Apr 6, 2016
Veldt Gold
Apr 6, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Enabling millions of users to process payments online without the intervention of banking institutions or needing the use of a credit card since the year of 2008, the popular currency known as Bitcoin provides a great gateway to purchasing goods without the need of keeping track of all of the different foreign exchange rates. Bitcoin, understandably, has become extremely popular due to its security, allowing users to transact independently from their bank.

With an estimated to-date worth of more than $400 per Bitcoin, Bitcoins have been a source of payment that many websites have begun accepting from their users in just the last year alone, and for good reason.

Commodities that can be purchased using Bitcoin are, in theory, endless. However, one of our customers’ favorite products to buy with Bitcoin has been silver. That’s right, good ole, silver bars and coins. Purchasing silver using Bitcoin is easy, and if you find yourself with a single Bitcoin in your personal online wallet you will be able to purchase a good amount of silver (depending on the spot price, of course!) for your keeping.

How exactly can you buy silver with Bitcoin? It starts with having a secure wallet that you can use to efficiently manage your Bitcoin, and to make and accept payments.

As you normally would using any other payment method, please feel free to browse Veldt Gold’s silver stock, and add desired products to your cart. Once enough silver has been added to your shopping cart you can proceed by clicking the checkout/Place Order button to finalize your order.

Like any other method, as you buy silver with Bitcoin, you will also need to provide us with your shipping information so that your silver products can be sent to you.

Once you have successfully completed your Bitcoin to silver transaction you will notice a decrease in the Bitcoin amount in your wallet, indicating that funds have successfully been transferred to us. Your order should be with you shortly. Thank you for buying silver with Bitcoin at Veldt Gold![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]