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DigitalTangible Partners with Agora Commodities to offer competitive gold prices

Written by Veldt Gold
Aug 13, 2014
Veldt Gold
Aug 13, 2014

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DigitalTangible aims to launch the largest gold and digital-money marketplace in the world.

Our mission is to allow any global customer to purchase physical gold, store it anywhere in the world, and convert that gold into digital money for freedom, control and transparency. In order to successfully take on this impossible challenge, DigitalTangible requires a network of retail partners that deliver quality gold products at the best prices. The first partner with whom we have launched our first catalog for gold is Agora Commodities.

Agora Commodities is special because they were one of the first precious metals dealers to offer precious metals in exchange for Bitcoin in June of 2013. Barely a year later, the Agora Commodities team transacted over $10 million in Bitcoin sales alone, proving that crypto-bugs too desire precious metals.  They also offer other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium.  Agora also offers FREE shipping on all orders over $5,000 and that are delivered inside the United States. They also treat your privacy with the highest priority by encrypting email communications with customers who demand the added security.

Agora Commodities has partnered with DigitalTangible to offer benefits that are only available to our customers:

Promotional Discounts: Agora provides exclusive promotions for DigitalTangible customers that include discounts on popular selected gold items. Payments and orders from customers via Bitcoin are routed directly to Agora for immediate processing to ensure that customers lock in the best prices for their gold purchasing needs. Agora also provides free shipping for DigitalTangible customers.

Customer Satisfaction: Agora launched on Bitcointalk with a highly skeptical community. However, in a few months it was able to garner quality accolades and testimonials for great service. Some of the testimonials from Agora customers include:

“I have just received my order from Agora Commodities and I am very happy with their service. Their selection is great and they actually had the items I wanted in stock unlike other bullion dealers with their crazy back orders. Highly recommended company! I will be buying from them again soon!” – PositivelyBitcoin

“I often recommend Agora to my friends that participate in my speculator groups. If BTC goes down and silver goes up when I cash them out its going to be a double win!” – Sebdude420

“Best metals company on the forum. Head and shoulders above Amagi in almost every aspect except a few products being a couple dollars more expensive.

Communications 10/10

Price 9/10

Online site 10/10 (doesn’t screw up your bitcoin purchases like other places)

Shipping 10/10 – good packaging, fast shipping”mxxx363

Competitive Pricing: Agora continues to be aggressive in its premium pricing of all its gold products whether priced in USD or in BTC. Customers that shop Agora with DigitalTangible can secure the same pricing that is available on Agora even as the price of Bitcoin and Gold fluctuate. DigitalTangible’s has partnered with Agora to receive Agora’s realtime price feeds. This ensures that prices on DigiitalTangible for all Agora products are current up to the minute.

We are happy that Agora Commodities chose us as their partner to increase awareness of gold and Bitcoin marketplaces that are evolving to change the face of the hard asset industry. We look forward to adding to their successful customer experience in the coming months.