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Fake PAMP Gold Bars

Written by Veldt Gold
Sep 24, 2021
Veldt Gold
Sep 24, 2021

Fake Gold Bars Red Flags

Below are some attributes of fake vs real PAMP gold bars to keep in mind when making a purchase.


For obvious reasons, PAMP does not advertise the exact color code of their tamper-evident certi-cards but you can get an idea of the color difference by comparing the photos we have included on the next page.

The color of the gold matters as well. While one of the bars we received seemed to have an authentic gold luster, upon closer examination of the serial number there was a copper hue in the digits, which would not have shown if the whole bar was 24 karat gold. This indicates that the the fake PAMP gold bar was plated.

24 Karat gold has a very unique color. The etching on the authentic PAMP gold bars should not be different between the surrounding gold color and that of the lettering.


The packaging of the fake PAMP gold bars looks like cheap blister packs. The same ones that threaten to cut your skin should you open them incorrectly. Authentic PAMP gold bars are never packaged in blister packaging – they are fully encased and sealed in plastic as opposed to the fakes that look like the items have been enclosed and then the plastic sealed around them.

An authentic PAMP product will also not look like the gold bar was raised from the surface. Please take a look at the pictures on the next page – the fake bars are placed significantly higher than the authentic gold bar.


The dimensions of an authentic PAMP 1 oz gold bar are 41mm x 24mm x 2mm. The fakes shown in the photos on the next page are not. Remember, PAMP measures every gold bar before it leaves their facility to ensure that each product is up to standards.

Click Photos for side by side photos of actual real and fake PAMP gold bars.

Fake Gold Bars Exposed

Fake gold bars resembling the ones produced by PAMP Suisse have recently arrived at our facility from “sellers” wanting to sell their gold and get paid with Bitcoin. We feel that by providing this information, we strengthen the community by alerting them before they are harmed, and also because awareness of a scam inhibits a counterfeiters ability to profit, thus nullifying the scam in its infancy. The fake gold bars are being made to look like the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bars. However, with the right knowledge it should be easy for you to tell the difference before you get scammed.

Origins of Fake Gold Bars

Fake gold bars can come from a variety of places, such as Amazon or eBay. It is also possible to buy them from private sellers posting classified ads online. Alarm bells should ring immediately when the price is too good to be true. Bear in mind that since buy and sell margins for dealers and distributors of genuine precious metals are usually pretty low, nobody would sell gold, silver, platinum, or any other metal for a low price. “Quick sale needed” or a similar reason for the low price is generally not an excuse to sell precious metals grossly under value. Please click Next below to view some common red flags, and photos.

Fake Pamp Gold Bars Photos

The photos below are of actual real and fake PAMP gold bars. Please click on the thumbnails to open larger images.

Fake 1 oz PAMP Gold Bar Comparison Obverse Fake 1 oz PAMP Gold Bar Comparison Reverse Fake 1 oz PAMP Gold Bar Comparison Side


We hope that these images will be helpful to our customers and visitors.

We check every item that arrives at our facility for authenticity regardless of if we are buying from a known distributor or a private individual. If you have concerns about the authenticity of the gold that you own please visit your local coin shop to get your gold checked by a professional.