Gold Worth 14,500 Bitcoin Stolen in North Carolina

Gold Stolen From Truck

Raleigh, NC – Authorities are reporting that over $4 million (or around 14,500 Bitcoin) worth of gold has been stolen off the I-95. The truck was traveling northbound from Florida to Massachusetts when it had to pull to the side of the road due to mechanical issues.

The two security guards employed by Transvalue Inc. of Miami have told police that while they were pulled over at around 6 p.m Sunday, 3 armed men in a white van came up to their vehicle and ordered the guards to lie on the ground. The armed robbers then tied the guards’ hands and moved them deeper into the woods off the interstate where they were left.

The robbers returned to the truck and unloaded barrels filled with gold according to a police statement. No description of the suspects or vehicle has been released. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently determining whether or not this is a federal crime.

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