How to get Bitcoin?

Although the idea of Bitcoin and how it works may seem daunting at first, it is relatively easy to understand and acquire. There are several simple ways you can get yourself some Bitcoin, which are explained below.

Buy Online

For US users buying Bitcoin online is relatively easy. On Coinbase you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card or by linking your bank account to your Coinbase account. For those users wishing to pay with a Money Order, Personal Check, or Wire Transfer there is a service called Expresscoin.

Local Bitcoins is a resource that offers buyers a chance to find sellers that will accept a huge variety of payment methods for Bitcoin, including but not limited to cash bank deposits, WalMart Gift Cards, and Moneygram. The list consists of about a dozen different payment options that some sellers will accept, and searching for a Bitcoin seller is easy. Be sure to check the seller’s feedback before agreeing to any transaction!

Buy In Person

If you prefer to buy your Bitcoin in person Local Bitcoins also allows you to buy Bitcoin in person, because it has an option of connecting buyers and sellers in your local area. You can search their website for sellers in your area, and buy Bitcoins for cash. This method may not be as safe, and we recommend that you do not arrange to do a large transaction with a seller that you haven’t met before.

Sell Your Bullion for Bitcoin

A great way to get Bitcoin is to sell your investment-grade gold and silver for Bitcoin. The process is easy via Veldt Gold. You get a quote, lock the price in, ship us your bullion, and get paid once we receive and inspect the package. Why sell to us for Bitcoin? We offer fast payouts and no minimums, so whether it’s a 1 oz Silver American Eagle or a 10 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar, we will be happy to buy your precious metals from you for Bitcoin. Find out how to sell to us on our Sell to Us page.

What is Bitcoin?

Please read our comprehensive guide on what Bitcoin is before getting started.

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?

Before you learn how to get Bitcoin you should first set up a place to store it, which is called a Bitcoin wallet. Strictly speaking you do not store your Bitcoin in the wallet, but rather store the secure digital keys, which are used to access transactions connected to your public Bitcoin address(es). There are several different wallet options, with multiple options for mobile devices, your computer’s desktop, or online. We recommend you use the safest and most secure type of wallet to store your Bitcoin. Below is a comparison chart of some of the most popular methods of Bitcoin storage.