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American Gold Buffalos

There are a lot of precious metals out there in which are purchased using the digital currency Bitcoin and this trend of buying precious metals with Bitcoin is becoming more popular as the years go on. When you look at which precious metals people seek out the most, gold has always been the hottest metal out there. As gold and Bitcoin both become hot commodities, people are looking to buy American Gold Buffalo with Bitcoin. Gold Buffalos are becoming the best choice for collectors as well as investors who are looking to not only diversify their portfolios but also own a small piece of history.

The American Gold Buffalo Coins are produced by the U.S. Mint and are the only coins available which are actually .9999 gold purity level. The high gold purity level of the American Gold Buffalo isn’t the only reason people want to purchase this item, as the history of the coin is also a reason. When you look at history, Buffalo nickels were first produced back in 1913 and this coin pays homage to those roots. James Earl Fraser is responsible for the designs on the American Gold Buffalo coin and he is best known for designing the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is a prominent feature on many American coins and is a patriotic symbol for many.

If you decide to buy the American Gold Buffalo with Bitcoin you should know that these coins are specially packaged by the U.S. Mint in a unique manner that you will not find with other precious metals. The U.S. Mint actually seals the sheets that the American Gold Buffalo Coins come in and if you buy a large quantity of these coins at once, you will get the special sealed sheets. Even if you only purchase a few coins, you will find they were just cut from the original sheet and still maintain the sealed packaging.

The American Gold Buffalo Coins feature three phrases engraved on them which are “E Pluribus Unum” as well as “United States of America” and “In God We Trust.” There is also a buffalo on the reverse side of this coin and this is a very symbolic West American image. On the other side of the coin, there is a Native American who has very detailed features such as braided hair and feathers. You will also find on the obverse side of this coin the word “Liberty” is inscribed along with the mint date.

If you want to buy the American Gold Buffalo with Bitcoin you should that you can purchase a 1-ounce Gold Buffalo Coin for in between $1,100 and $1,700 depending on the mint year of the coin with older years being more expensive than newer years. The Gold Buffalos are something you can purchase knowing that the rare purity of the coins make them of the best gold investments that you could make in your lifetime.