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Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining is a name you probably haven’t heard before as it is relatively new. When Johnson Matthey closed down, it ended a 160-year reign as one of the biggest precious metal companies out there. In 2015 the company sold both the gold and silver refining business to a well-known Japanese company, which then went on to form Asahi Refining.

Asahi Refining’s parent company is called Asahi Holdings—based in Japan and founded back in 1952. The two corporate locations are in Tokyo and Kobe. Asahi Holdings handles precious and rare metal sales as well as recycling.

In 2014, Asahi Holdings agreed to purchase Johnson Matthey’s gold and silver refining, completing the sale in summer 2015. Asahi Holdings took over Johnson Matthey’s refining operations in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. (There is also another location in Canada that handles the business side of dealings.)

After the merger, the two locations combined to form the operational name Asahi Refining. It started out producing 100 ounce Silver Bars, which looked identical to those previously produced by Johnson Matthey. The purity stayed at .999 silver.

The company is certified as an LBMA-responsible gold-compliant company.

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