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Austrian Mint

Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint, founded in Vienna in 1919, is responsible for minting Austrian coins. The Mint became a limited public company back in 1989. as a subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria. Until 2002 it minted only the Austrian Schilling, so it was a very limited mintage. Then it began producing Austrian euro coins.

That is not all the Mint does now, though; it also is responsible for producing commemorative issued coins and gold bullion, along with various other coins. The most popular bullion coins produced by the Austrian Mint are silver and gold Philharmonics. The Mint also produces blanks for use by many other countries as well as supplying various circulation coins.

The history of the Austrian Mint dates back to 1194 when Duke Leopold V received around 15 tons of silver from Richard the Lionheart. Duke Leopold V captured and imprisoned Richard, requiring a bounty for release. At that point, Leopold thought it was a good idea to strike the silver to make coins, creating the first mint in Vienna. Even though it dates back that far, historical documents didn’t mention minting in Vienna for 200 more years. The Mint is now the sole mint in the country, since then producing some of the finest coins the world has ever seen.

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