Baird Mint

The Baird Mint started back in 1967, and it began moving large amounts of gold coins and various bullion in the 1970s after the government eased restrictions. Baird Mint was quoting, buying and selling for banks as well as working with coin dealers, stockbrokers and wholesale jewelers by 1975.

Due to how active Baird Mint was in the 1970s, it quickly became one of UK’s leading trading houses and in 1977, the company became the first private contributor to Reuter Monitoring System. This system helped give a range of bullion coins to the banks and also was part of dealing rooms. Private investors and collectors, as well as trade clients and wholesalers now can get this information through the Mint website since technology has advanced to the Internet age.

The Mint ended up becoming a precious metal refining company and processing center by 1979. In 1987, due to demand and scrap trading activities, the company expanded to the Hatton Garden District. To this day, cash trade is still carried out at this branch along with offering exclusive gold coins and bars for trade. It was back in 1997 when Baird Mint began the e-commerce website and this is where the company sold various investment bars online as well as various bullion coins. In 2001, Goldline ended up developing more and became an innovative platform where the Baird Mint products are now quoted and for sale directly to clients.

You can now find their manufacturing and processing divisions at Gallions Reach, which is by London City Airport. This area is over 30,000 square feet and it is equipped with state of the art security features to ensure that the products at Baird Mint stay in pristine condition and are not messed with either intentionally or intentionally. You will find many gold bars at this facility including the 100g, 50g, 10g, and 5g gold bars, which are all certified and inspected before being securely and safely shipped out to investors and collectors.

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