Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a huge financial institution in Europe with the headquarters located in Zurich, Switzerland. Banking isn’t all they do, however. While their history as a financial institution dates back to their founding year of 1856, they are also one of the world’s most prominent bullion manufacturers.

Credit Suisse bullion products are simple in design without any fancy images. Since precious metals production isn’t their main business, the selection of bullion products that they offer is rather scarce. This is especially true for silver. And even though they make a fraction more gold bullion than silver, the variations and product selection is not as diverse when compared to other Mints.

One prominent feature of their gold bars is the fact that the serial number is stamped on the front of the bar. Many investors appreciate that kind of security, and this is why the gold bars, though simple, are popular with the public. Another reason why one might choose to invest in Credit Suisse bullion is the reputation of the name of the company. It is associated with high standards, and a long-standing reputation as a serious financial institution.

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