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Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

Are you looking to buy pre-1933 gold with Bitcoin? If you are then you have come to the right place to find information about this type of gold. The pre-1933 gold coins that were minted by the United States government actually are .900 purity. You can get these coins in many different sizes and designs, and there also are many different grades available too. There are three big designs on the pre-1933 gold coins which are the Indian Head, Liberty Head and the St. Gaudens. Some of the mint-state grades include MS65, MS64, MS63 and MS62. The pre-1933 gold coins are NGC and PCGS certified and can be purchased in both raw and graded forms. These gold coins have higher premiums than the gold bullion of the same size, making it a great investment if you’re looking to buy pre-1933 coins with Bitcoin.

Rarity of Pre-1933 Gold Coins

If you want to buy pre-1933 gold with Bitcoin then you are making a good choice, because these coins are becoming very rare. This is due to the fact that President Roosevelt made it illegal for citizens in the United States to own gold coins way back in the 1930s. Prior to that, gold coins were often minted in large quantities, and sold to the public. In 1933, a mandate by the then President made it so that all gold coins were taken back to the United States Treasury. The Treasury decided that the best option was to then melt down these coins into gold bars. These coins vary in design and shape which is interesting since most of the pre-1933 gold coins were produced around the same time.

Three Pre-1933 Gold Coin Designs

Liberty Head gold coins are the gold coins that show Lady Liberty on the obverse side of the coin. Usually facing leftward, Lady Liberty has a coronet on the top of her head, and some of the years of this coin have “Liberty” inscribed on her head.

Indian Head have a Native American chief on the coin which is there to celebrate the history of Native Americans and the United States. The design on the Indian Head coins is different than the other coins because the design on this coin is pressed into the coin instead of the raised design like the other two coins.

St. Gaudens is the third gold coin that you can purchase and this design has Lady Liberty walking off the face of the coin. In one hand there is a torch she is holding and there is an olive branch in the other hand.

If you want to buy pre-1933 gold with Bitcoin then any of the three is worth your time, since it has been over 80 years since these limited gold coins were in production. This means that the value of these gold coins only is going higher as more time passes.