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To buy silver coin with Ethereum, Bitcoin or with Litecoin, you also need to know that only a handful of the thousands of silver coins out there are actively traded on the large-scale markets. Most of the silver coins come from the governments of China, Mexico, Canada, United States, Britain, and Australia. The United States is known for making the American Silver Eagle, whereas Canada has the Silver Maple Leaf and Mexico mints the Libertad. You also might be interested in knowing that most silver coins are in uncirculated condition, which means they have not been used as currency and are in clean condition.

Proof coins are the shiniest silver coins out there and are also the highest quality, with proofs being struck more than one time giving it the fantastic shiny appearance. Proofs also have the most top quality illustrations and details or designs, but proofs are also the most expensive if you are looking to buy silver coins online with crypto. Any way you go with silver coins, you cannot go wrong, as it will add to your portfolio whether you are an investor or simple collector of silver.

Gold: 1,808.50 | Silver: 25.06 | Platinum: 1,070.36 | Palladium: 2,708.35