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Sunshine Mint

Sunshine Mint

The Sunshine Mint was founded in 1979 in Idaho. It has become popular all over the world due to the quality and purity of its products. Headquarters remain in Idaho with additional branches in Shanghai, China (opened in 2011) and Las Vegas, Nevada (opened in 2013).

Sunshine Minting, Inc produces both silver bullion and gold bars and rounds. It offers more silver-related products than gold, as its headquarters are in a silver-rich area of the US. One of their most recognizable features is the eagle on their silver bars, silver rounds, and gold bars. Products also come with a security feature that you can identify with the Sunshine Mint decoder lens.

This mint only introduces new designs or products on very rare occasions. Their most recent introductions include a 1/2 oz silver round as well as the SS Gairsoppa silver bars and rounds. The silver bars and rounds are made with .999 pure silver found on the shipwreck SS Gairsoppa.

Sunshine Mint also provides high-quality packaging. Silver rounds come in tubes of 20 and are sealed for protection and quality.

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