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2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Moose

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2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Moose

Investors and collectors have been eager to get their hands on the 2012 Canadian Moose silver coins. There are only 1 million of these coins minted from the Royal Canadian Mint, which means they are pretty rare and come in uncirculated condition. The Canadian Silver Moose coin is the fourth coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series coins, and it contains 99.99% silver purity. This is a coin that features a striking image of a moose and also shows the beauty of Canadian wilderness, which is something collectors tend to gravitate towards.

The 2012 Canadian Moose coins are 1-ounce and if you purchase 25 or more coins then they will come specially wrapped in the Royal Canadian Mint tubes, which helps keep the coins safe and free of damage. If you decide to purchase 500 coins then these special coins will come in an RCM Strapped Monster Box. If you are and investor or collector of special or rare coins then the 2012 Canadian Moose coin is for you. If you are looking for pure bullion coins then this is one of the best on the market and are purer than most other coins. The Canadian Wildlife Series helps bring to life the animals and wildlife that roams Canada, and collectors love the intricate details of these coins. Since the 2012 Canadian Moose coin is rare in terms of production, there is a high premium from collectors, so you will get more than your $5 worth out of this coin.

When you look at the 2012 Canadian Silver Moose coin you will see that the reverse design is a set of antlers from a moose and you will see the moose is looking out to the beautiful west. There is also the words “9999 Fine Silver One Oz Argent Pur” on this side of the coin, along with the inscription “Canada.” The 2012 Canadian Silver Moose coin is the fourth coin in the Wildlife Series, which features six coins altogether, and they are all limited in quantities and release. William Woodruff, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Senior Engraver, is responsible for the design and details found on this coin. If you purchase the 2012 Canadian Silver Moose coin from the Royal Mint, you know you are getting a product that is guaranteed to last and be of high-quality. You will also still be able to use this coin as legal tender if you wish, which will always retain the value of $5 CAD.

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