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2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope

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2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope

If you are an investor or collector, you might be really interested in the 2013 Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope Coin. This is a 1-ounce coin from the Canadian Mint and this is one of the newer additions to the Wildlife Series of coins, which hold value over time and are great for collectors of silver coins. Since you are getting this from the Royal Canadian Mint, you know you are getting a very high-quality product with a level of purity not seen anywhere else.

The availability of the Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope coins is limited which means that you are getting a very special silver coin that holds a Canadian value of $5. This coin is the fifth coin in the Wildlife Series and is only available for a limited time, meaning once they are gone they are gone. This coin is 38 mm in diameter and 3.29 mm in width and is also 99.99% pure silver. The Canadian Silver Pronghorn Antelope coin is non-circulated which means it is very rare and comes in excellent condition. You will notice that this coin shines and shimmers and has no imperfections in it at all.

The reverse side of this coin features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II and the front side of the coin features a pronghorn antelope charging in the meadow. You can see the antelope almost leaping off of the coin the details are so intricate with this coin, and the collectors seem to enjoy the true craftsmanship of this Wildlife Series coin. These Wildlife Series of coins are very special in that they show the true beauty of Canada and the various animals, such as the antelope, that exist in the wild.

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