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Crimea, Ukraine, and Russia’s Next Move

Written by Veldt Gold
Mar 24, 2014
Veldt Gold
Mar 24, 2014

As of Sunday March, 23 2014 Russian forces have been gathering on the border of eastern Ukraine. The White House has warned that Russia may be poised to invade. We don’t know exactly what Russia is planning, although it does seem obvious they’re trying to intimidate Ukraine.

It was only one week ago that Russia stole a piece of Ukraine’s territory, Crimea. They justified it with a referendum which was instantaneously condemned as illegal by western powers.

General Philip Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme allied commander in Europe said today that the Russian military looked “very, very sizable and very, very ready.”

The situation is becoming more and more explosive. It’s even worse than it was only one week ago.

Ukraine explains that they are doing everything within their power to prevent a full-scale war, yet at the same time, they are also prepared to protect themselves.

US intelligence officials are convinced that Russia is not yet finished in Ukraine. But what is Russia trying to prove? I don’t truly understand what they are communicating to the rest of the world with their actions. At best, their actions look primitive from this standing point.

Putin’s actions are troubling to many. He has put a huge amount of troops on Ukraine’s eastern border. The Russian military has also been captured doing exercises all along the border.

Russia may now have her eyes set on a Russian speaking region in western Moldova. The piece of land is known as Trans-Dniester. Separatist leaders there have demanded to be permitted to join Russia as well. They demanded this after Crimea’s annexation. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into the domino effect. Especially now, our world doesn’t need a pompous world power.

Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti warned Putin last week about the Russians attempt to incorporate Transnistria.

The Russians have already been slapped with deep sanctions. They are now willfully isolating themselves. The sanctions are significant, especially to investors. Now when they see Russia, they see instability, a country that doesn’t honor its international agreements, and a country that is alarming to the world economy.

When the White House was questioned about helping Ukraine with direct military aid, they responded with, “All of that is under review”.