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Silver Content in the Vince Lombardi Trophy: Super Bowl XLIX

Written by Veldt Gold
Jan 30, 2015
Veldt Gold
Jan 30, 2015

Happy Super Bowl XLIX weekend, everybody!

Everybody knows what the famous Super Bowl trophy looks like – it depicts a football in kicking position (of course!) on a three concave-sided stand. It is named after the legendary NFL football player, coach, and executive Vince Lombardi, who was the head coach of Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, and lead them to win two Super Bowls following the 1966 and 1967 NFL seasons.

7 lbs of Sterling Silver = 95 ozs of Pure Silver

Here’s something that you may not know about the trophy – it is made out of 3.2kg (7 lbs) of sterling silver. Since sterling silver is 92.5% by mass, a simple calculation can help a silver-savvy football fan come up with a number depicting the total pure silver content of the trophy. 3.2 kilograms equals 3,200 grams. Divide that number by 31.1, which is how many grams there are in a troy ounce. Then multiply the result by 92.5% and voila! Just over 95 troy ounces of pure silver! Now, a 100 oz. silver bar may not look as flashy, but it’s definitely easier to store and transport!

Let’s hope this game is a good one, and remember – you can still shop for silver in the dark!