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TigerDirect Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Written by Veldt Gold
Jan 29, 2014
Veldt Gold
Jan 29, 2014

TigerDirect has become the latest retailer to accept Bitcoin. They are an online retailer that’s been around since 1989 and have absorbed Circuit City and Comp USA along their way. Bitpay will be used as its payment processor. Bitcoin will be accepted online, and only for online purchases (as of yet).

TigerDirect is a fortune 100 company with annual revenues of over 2 Billion dollars. They have more than 3,000 employees. “TigerDirect has always been on the forefront of alternative online payment methods and delivering the most convenient ways for our customers to shop.” Steven Leeds, TigerDirect’s Director of Corporate Marketing.

TigerDirect sells electronics online and through their retail outlets. They started in 1989, beginning as a software retailer.