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Vancouver Bitcoin ATM is a Hit! Will Boston be next?

Written by Veldt Gold
Dec 3, 2013
Veldt Gold
Dec 3, 2013

The Vancouver Sun has reported that the brand new “Bitcoin ATM” has traded 100,00 Canadian dollars in it’s first week operating. Apparently they’ve had line-ups all day, every day. There are lots of people interested and just coming out to learn.

Bitcoiniacs is the name of the organization that operates a physical Bitcoin exchange near Granville Island, Vancouver. A representative of Bitcoiniacs, and of the Bitcoin ATMs for that matter, believes that the ATM has made Bitcoin “real” for people. Somehow it is taking Bitcoin to the next stage.

For those just peaking their heads into the Bitcoin room, “Bitcoin is digital, existing on the internet but bought or sold for traditional currency, and used to purchase goods and services online and off.”. That’s according to Demeter of Bitcoiniacs.

Bitcoin was trading at $200 when the ATM located in the Waves Coffee Shop, went online. By the following week, Bitcoin was already trading at $326. It is trading at $897.02 as of now, November 26 2013, at 10:02pm Pacific Standard Time.

Users can deposit cash into the ATM, or withdraw cash via their virtual Bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, it’s apparent that folks are coming out to check out the ATM simply because of curiosity.

It’s planned that the ATM will soon have a new design that will boldly make it as easy to use as an Apple Ipad.

Boston may be next to acquire a Bitcoin ATM for The People.  Alex Peterson is a leader in Bitcoin for the Boston community.  He recently announced that his company would like to become a fully licensed money transmitter.  When that is accomplished, it would allow for a Robocoin Bitcoin ATM to be planted in Boston as soon as the beginning of 2014. Like the Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, it will allow users to deposit and withdrawal both cash and Bitcoins.