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Royal Canadian Mint

1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (Common Date)


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Product Description

1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The 1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the second smallest fractional gold coin issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin will be carefully packaged before shipment to preserve its luster, and to protect it from abrasions.

Investing in gold coins is one of the best choices to make as a long-term store of value. When it comes to gold investing, the gold Maple Leaf is a recommended choice at Veldt Gold. The coin’s quality and history make it coveted by both numismatic collectors and investors. You can purchase it to add to your gold portfolio or for its design and luster. Due to its reputation and history in bullion trading, the gold Maple holds promises as a long-time safe investment.


The Gold Maple Leaf is Canada’s official bullion coin. Its gold purity has led to it being among the most preferred bullion coins in the world, and to the desirable gold bullion price it has today. The gold Maples certainly gave a boost to the mining history of Canada.

With a purity of .9999 millesimal fineness, the coin is among the purest in the world. Its gold content is equal to 24 Karat, meaning all impurities have been refined out. These coins were a huge hit among collectors when it was first launched in 1979, partly because the South African Krugerrand was the single bullion coin available at the time.

The 1/10th ounce version of the gold Maple weighs 3.11 grams and measures .05 x .05 x .01 inches. It is certainly one of the best additions to your portfolio. The Royal Canadian Mint even made a Gold Maple Leaf coin worth $1 million due to the amount of gold found in Canada’s gold mines. Although this coin was only used as a way to boost the publicity of the mint, it also turned out to be a hit among high-end collectors. The mint has promised to make as many of the $1 million-worth gold coins as collectors desire.

Investing in the Gold Maple Leaf

It is a well-known fact that the Gold Maple Leaf is among the purest gold coins minted by a government. Due to this, the coin needs special care to avoid any excess rubbing or scratching. The Maple Leaf is highly recognized around the world, and it is definitely a great choice when taking physical possession. Investing in the Gold Maple Leaf can ensure a period of tranquility for you in your retirement IRA. If you’re aiming for cash for gold, the coin is a sound option due to how recognized it is throughout the world. You can easily sell it when your investment needs dictate so. As the price of gold changes depending on certain factors, you may want to conduct research on the current gold price or even the ratio of gold to silver, to gauge whether it’s the right time to let go of your Maple or whether you should wait a little longer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this or other bullion products that we have for sale on our website. We would also be happy to answer any of your queries over the phone. Please also visit our information pages for more details on gold and silver investment basics, Bitcoin, and our policies.


1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (Common Date)


Royal Canadian Mint




1/10 oz

Price: $214.04

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