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Other assets, currencies, etc. can be popular for a time and then fall out of favor, but throughout history, gold has always been desired and highly valued. In the past, you were limited to buying gold through such face-to-face means as your local coin shop. But now you can take advantage of the added convenience, and greater price competition, of buying gold online. When you do so through Veldt Gold, you’ll have the safe and stress-free experience you deserve and get the best value for your money – or in this case the best value for your cryptocurrency. You can’t go wrong with gold coins or gold bullion from Veldt Gold, but one of the reasons some investors prefer to hold their gold in the form of bullion is that gold bars are produced at 99.9% purity whereas gold coins need only be 91.67% purity. If you decide to buy your gold in the form of bullion, Veldt Gold offers many options, including gold bars minted by PAMP Suisse, Credit Swiss, and the Perth Mint, as well as generic brands of gold bars. Veldt Gold offers many gold bars in the popular 1-ounce size but also has available many other sizes, including 100 grams, 10 ounces, or even an entire kilogram. So don’t delay; join the ranks of the many satisfied Veldt Gold customers today by trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin for gold.

Gold: 1,859.79 | Silver: 27.88 | Platinum: 1,151.31 | Palladium: 2,843.27