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1 Kilo Silver Bar (Varied Mint)

1 Kilo Silver Bars from Veldt Gold offer an affordable, large-scale investment in silver with various designs, conditions, and packaging, available from different mints, including refined minted ingots and rustic cast bars.


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In addition to the opportunity to invest in larger quantities of silver with a single purchase, 1 Kilo silver bars offer a cost advantage over smaller bars due to their lower price-per-ounce. Today, 1 Kilo Silver Bars are available from Veldt Gold.

1 Kilo Silver Bars are typically produced in two styles: minted ingots or cast, poured bars. Minted ingots feature refined edges and often more elegant designs, as several steps in the production process are automated by computer-controlled machines. Cast poured silver bars have a more rustic appearance and tend to appeal to investors who focus solely on the silver's investment value.

All 1 Kilo Silver Bars in this listing come with some form of protective packaging. The bars may be in their original condition and packaging from the mint of origin, or they may be shipped in plastic sleeves or simple boxes to protect the item during shipping.

These 1 Kilo Silver Bars are available in varied conditions from any mint. You might receive a brand-new bar or one that shows signs of wear and tear, ranging from minimal to heavy damage. Veldt Gold cannot guarantee the condition of the bar you receive or its mint of origin. If you purchase more than one bar, please note that you may receive several bars in the same condition, from the same mint, and with the same design elements.

The obverse and reverse designs of these 1 Kilo Silver Bars vary depending on the mint of origin. PAMP Suisse, for example, offers three different options that might be included in this listing. The popular Fortuna lineup and the beautiful Rosa series both feature 1 Kilo Silver Bars as minted ingots with refined designs. In contrast, PAMP Suisse also offers a poured loaf silver bar in the 1 Kilo weight that simply features the refinery’s logo and identifying details of the bar.

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