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United States Mint

1 oz American Gold Buffalo (Common Date)


Product Description

1 oz American Gold Buffalo (Common Date)

The 1 oz American Gold Buffalo was created by the US Mint to compete with foreign .9999 24 karat gold coins that many sound money enthusiasts prefer over traditional crown gold coins. The coins have been in production since 2006, and they have featured the same design every year – one of the country’s most recognizable ones. If you’re looking to buy gold buffalos with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash, look no further and buy this coin at Veldt Gold today!

The coin’s design follows that of the famous Indian Head nickel struck in 1913 by sculptor James Earle Fraser. This design is regarded as the best design ever created by the US Mint. Like the American Gold Eagle, the Gold Buffalo has the US legal tender value of $50 in addition to the denoting 1 troy ounce fine gold.

Probably the only point of contention against the 1 oz American Gold Buffalo is the packaging that the coins come in. The US Mint issues the non-proof gold bullion coins in mylar sheets approximately 16″ x 12″, twenty coins to a sheet, five horizontally by four vertically. The packaging makes shipping and storage somewhat problematic, as the coins sometimes come out of their mylar packaging. By contrast, the American Gold Eagle comes in a tube of twenty. Veldt Gold will always send the 1 oz American Gold Buffalo in its original mint packaging as does not recommend the buyer remove the coin from the plastic as this may result in dealers paying a lower price for the coin.

With that said, this coin is a must-have item for every American coin collection, whether as a gift or a serious investment piece.

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1 oz American Gold Buffalo (Common Date)


United States Mint


United States


1 oz

Price: $1,853.36

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