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United States Mint

1 oz American Gold Eagle (Common Date)


Product Description

[title text=”1 oz American Gold Eagle (Common Date)”]

Buy gold eagles with Bitcoin at Veldt Gold. Minted from 22-carat gold, the 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin is majestically designed. The value of the coin changes with the current price of gold per ounce. The coin face value is $50, but its true value is based on the present price of gold.

Gold provides security in times of economic instability. Thus, a purchase of this 22 karat gold coin would be a solid investment. Furthermore, the Eagle is ideal for long-term storage of value. 22 karats means that the Gold Eagle’s composition is 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper, and 3% silver. The coin still contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold, because it weighs slightly more than 1 ozt.

1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin Appearance

The front of the American Gold Eagle coin shows Lady Liberty, her torch, and an olive branch. Behind her, rays of the rising sun are stretched out. The United States Capitol’s dome is located at her feet. Finally, a male bald eagle carries an olive branch and flies toward a nest.

Investing in the 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin

The American Eagle is a distinguished coin. It’s silver cousin – the American Silver Eagle is also a favorite among investors. American Eagles  diversify and balance any investment portfolio. Especially impressive, when it comes to the Gold Eagle, Miley Busiek designed one coin side and Augustus Saint-Gauden designed the other.

Especially convenient, the 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin can be held in your self-directed IRA.

Finally, please contact us with any questions about this or other bullion products. Also, visit our information page for more details on gold and silver investing, and Bitcoin.

Buy 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum at Veldt Gold.

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1 oz American Gold Eagle (Common Date)


United States Mint


United States


1 oz

Price: $1,883.44

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