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Royal Canadian Mint

1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (Common Date)


Product Description

[title text=”1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (Common Date)”]

Are you looking to buy silver Maples with Bitcoin? The 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a good addition to your financial portfolio if you are planning to secure your wealth. These coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, which the company has been doing since 1988. The coins are all stamped, and have a face value of $5 Canadian dollars. One characteristic of these coins is that they are favored by both investors and coin collectors. It is due to two reasons – one, because of their fine craftsmanship, and second, the 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are supported by the Canadian Government. The latter makes these coins more tradeable, and better recognized worldwide.

Characteristics of Canadian Maple Leaf

All Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are minted with 99.99 % pure silver. These items are great as a private investment since it meets the 1099B standards of IRS, which deals with brokerage reporting exemptions. Each coin’s design is based on the highest specifications developed by the Royal Canadian Mint. These specifications are made to create coins that are extraordinarily reflective and striking.

The coin’s obverse side is stamped with Queen Elizabeth the Second’s classic sculpture. As for the reverse side, it bears the namesake of the coin – a maple leaf, which is the national symbol of Canada.

This is a rare coin, and it is mainly due to the qualities it offers which cannot be found in any other gold or silver coins available in any part of the world. When you buy a silver or Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, you will be making a sound investment decision.


There are a lot of reasons why many investors are choosing the Canadian Maple Leaf, and one of these is its purity. It is not an ordinary coin since it is made from purest silver. The purity of the coin was further improved in 1983 when the formulation of Canadian Maple Leaf coins with a purity of 0.9999 was started.

This coin is not only advantageous for collectors. Both collectors and investors can benefit from investing in such coins, especially during coinage emergency or a currency crisis. This benefit allows you to use the coin in any way you need during these events.

These rare coins are of the highest standard of quality. They are machined and crafted efficiently to ensure the dye production’s consistency, and to produce striking coins. Its width and pitch are other reasons that make it unique.

Based on numismatics, the study of currency collection, these silver quarters speak of great and pure value. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a silver of this kind and have the best investment now!

Buy Silver Maples with Bitcoin

If you want to buy silver maples with Bitcoin, you have come to the right place. Veldt Gold is the Internet’s first cryptocurrency-only precious metals dealer. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell silver maples for Bitcoin, we hope you have a great experience with us!


1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (Common Date)


Royal Canadian Mint




1 oz

Price: $27.34

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