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1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar (New w/assay)

The 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar, featuring advanced security features and available for purchase with various cryptocurrencies at Veldt Gold, offers a blend of affordability, authenticity, and iconic design, including the Perth Mint swan and kangaroo engravings.


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A 1 oz gold bar strikes a perfect balance of affordability and size, making it an ideal choice for both investors and collectors. One of the most sought-after bars globally is the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar. Featuring the iconic mint’s logo and symbolizing the historic gold mines of the Australian Outback, this bar is now available from Veldt Gold, purchasable using Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

These 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars include security and verification features to ensure peace of mind. Each bar comes with an individual serial number on the assay card, verifying the authenticity of your product. CertiCard security features further ensure your product arrives in the condition promised in this listing.

CertiCard security employs luminescent UV ink on the plastic packaging to detect tampering. If the gold bar or its packaging has been disturbed, the UV ink activates and displays the message “seal broken.”

The obverse side of each bar features the Perth Mint’s logo, depicting a graceful swan. The swan is centered within a circle, surrounded by engravings that read “Perth Mint – Australia.” Below this are inscriptions denoting the bar’s purity, metal content, and weight.

The reverse side of these 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars displays a repeating design of jumping kangaroos arranged horizontally. These are the only engravings on this side. Both the official logo and the kangaroos have a deeply-mirrored finish, providing a distinct contrast to the bar’s matte background.

Australia’s Perth Mint, the continent’s oldest operating mint, was originally part of the Royal Mint system during British colonial rule. It was later transferred to the government of Western Australia and operates independently of the federal government’s Royal Australian Mint.

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