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1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand (Common Date)




1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand (Common Date)

You can buy 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand with BTC through Veldt Gold. Purchase with confidence to easily build your collection or investment portfolio.

Product at a Glance
  • Made of 1 oz of fine gold at. 999 purity
  • Good for collectors or investors
  • Buy South African Gold Krugerrand with BTC or other cryptos
  • Qualifies for use in a Precious Metal IRA
  • Comes in Veldt Gold’s protective packaging
  • Verified for purity/authenticity

This South African Gold Krugerrand is the first investment-grade gold bullion coin made available in modern times. Production began in 1967 as a way to establish the South African gold market.

This coin has no currency denomination but is still considered legal tender in South Africa as indicated by the “rand” in the name.

Despite the embargo by western countries on South Africa’s archaic apartheid government and the subsequent ban on the importation of the Gold Krugerrand, by 1980 this coin accounted for 90% of the gold bullion trade.

Artistic Description

The obverse side of the coin features a profile of former Boer President Paul Kruger, from whom the coin gets its name.

The reverse side has a gracefully galloping antelope and is inscribed “KRUGERRAND” over the top, “FYNGOUD 1 OZ FINE GOLD” on the bottom, and the date spread across the left and right sides.


Your South African Gold Krugerrand coin(s) come with protective packaging provided by Veldt Gold.

How and When to Purchase

Investing in precious bullion metals helps you to balance out your paper and real estate investments. It is important to keep a variety of precious metals in your portfolio. This way, if some fall, others will stay steady and/or rise at different times.

The price of precious metals is affected by the supply and demand fluctuations of the market. Buy gold bullion with BTC when the time is right for them to benefit you as an investment.

If you need help deciding when the best time to purchase is, reach out to your investment company.

Buy South African Gold Krugerrands with BTC or other cryptos here at Veldt Gold before they are all gone!

More Information

Please contact us with any questions about this or other bullion products for sale on Veldt Gold. We are also happy to answer any of your queries over the phone.

Sell South African Gold Krugerrands for Crypto

At Veldt Gold we deal with both sides of the cryptocurrency–bullion exchange. If you’re thinking of selling Gold Krugerrands for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash, look no further.

We offer the highest buyback prices and we pay you in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Request a quote for your Gold Krugerrands today!


Additional information

Weight 31.103 oz

South African Mint


1 oz





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