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Sunshine Mint

1 oz Buffalo Silver Round (Varied Manufacturer)


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Product Description

1 oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Round

The 1 oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Round is a sound choice when it comes to buying low premium 1 oz silver products. These 1 oz rounds are struck in .999 fine silver and come with the Sunshine’s MintMark SI™ security feature. When ordering the 1 oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Round in increments of 20 you will receive this beautiful silver specimen in the tube they arrived in directly from the mint.

Modeled after the the famous buffalo head nickel, these 1 oz silver rounds dazzle eyes, your sense of touch, and even your ears should you choose let them clink in your hand (not recommended but yet extremely delightful). Just like silver in constitutional monied form, the iconic images of the American Indian and Bison harken back to the frontier days representing intrical points in American history.

1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds are stamped every year by a handful of non-government mints throughout the U.S. These particular 1 oz Buffalo Rounds are manufactured by Sunshine Minting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, an area that has some of the most bountiful silver mines in the United States. Since the Sunshine Mint is a private firm these 1 oz silver specimens are known as rounds as opposed to government minted coins however, the Sunshine Mint is so respected as a silver producer it is one of the manufacturers of silver blanks used by the United States Mint. The Sunshine Mint also makes wonderful 10 oz Silver Bars.

As previously stated, the 1 oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Round is modeled after the American Indian Head Nickel, the Indian head of which was originally sculpted by James Earle Fraser in 1913. The reverse of the round has the image of Black Diamond, an American Bison that lived at the Central Park Zoo in New York City around the same time. Over the Bison “One Troy Ounce” is inscribed with the purity and metal written underneath.

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1 oz Buffalo Silver Round (Varied Manufacturer)


Sunshine Mint




1 oz

Price: $26.72

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