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Austrian Mint

1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic (Common Date)


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Product Description

1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic has been in production by the Austrian Mint since 2008. It is now the highest-minted European silver bullion coin. It is legal tender in Austria with a face value of 1.50 EUR. It is generally sold as an investment coin, and is produced on a mass scale.

The most common date of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is 2011, when 17,873,700 coins were struck. The rarest year is it’s first year in production – 2008 – with the lowest amount of coins minted, which was just under 8 million.

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1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic (Common Date)


Austrian Mint




1 oz

Price: $27.88

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