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Knowledge Center

Welcome to Veldt Gold’s knowledge center – bullion and cryptocurrency information pages. Feel free to browse this section and read up on topics that you find interesting. 

We hope that this information helps both new and experienced investors make great choices when buying gold for Bitcoin, selling gold for Bitcoin, and otherwise transacting in cryptocurrency.

Please note that any material you find on our website is purely for informational purposes and it is not to be considered as investment advice. All investments pose risks. You must always seek investment advice from a professional.

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If you’re a new investor into precious metals (and cryptocurrencies), we hope that the following information on how to buy precious metals will be useful to you.

We have put together some information on how to buy precious metals using cash, check, and Bitcoin. We also cover various topics, such as what are precious metals, pricing, trading, and many more!

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Buy Precious Metals

Value of Precious Metals

Spot and Futures Prices

Trading Using Ratios

Bullion Pricing Structure

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Cryptocurrencies

Types of Metals

Sell Metals for Bitcoin


Assays and Certificates of Authenticity

Weights and Measures

Bullion, Proof, Numismatic

Constitutional Silver and Gold

Beware of Fakes!

California Sales Tax

Capital Gains Tax

IRS Reportable Bullion Transactions

Asahi Refining

Australian Perth Mint

Austrian Mint

Baird Mint

Chinese Mint

Credit Suisse

Johnson Matthey

Mexican Mint

PAMP Suisse

Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Mint of the United Kingdom

South African Mint

Sunshine Mint

United States Mint

Sell Your Bullion

Sell Silver for Bitcoin

Sell Gold for Litecoin

Sell Silver for Litecoin

Sell Gold for Ethereum

Sell Silver for Ethereum

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