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$20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle (AU, Random Year)

Veldt Gold offers the $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin in Almost Uncirculated condition, featuring 90% pure gold and available for purchase with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies, with various designs by James B. Longacre and versions from its mintage before 1933.


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Since its debut in 1850, the $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin has become a beloved choice among collectors and investors. It holds the distinction of being the first $20 denomination coin produced by the US Mint, making it one of the most valuable currency pieces of its time.

Minted before 1933, this coin is composed of 90.0% pure gold, enhancing its appeal for both investment portfolios and personal collections. Currently available from Veldt Gold, this coin is ready to ship in AU (Almost Uncirculated) condition, and you can purchase it using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies.

The design of the Liberty Double Eagle was created by James B. Longacre. The obverse showcases his classical portrayal of Lady Liberty, inspired by the regal effigies of ancient Greco-Roman coins. Lady Liberty is depicted in profile, wearing a crown inscribed with her name and surrounded by thirteen stars, representing the original US colonies. This imagery gives the coin its nicknames “Liberty Head Double Eagle” and “Coronet Double Eagle.”

On the reverse side, the $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle features the Heraldic Eagle emblem, illustrating the national bird holding a shield while clutching an olive branch and a bundle of arrows in its talons. Throughout its mintage, the design saw several revisions, resulting in three versions: the original Type I, the Type II which includes the “In God We Trust” motto, and the Type III with the full denomination spelled out. Please note that Veldt Gold cannot specify in advance which version you will receive.

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