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Buy Gold Coins and Bars with Bitcoin

For over 5,000 years owning gold and silver has been the standard of real wealth. As currency around the globe shows signs of faltering, gold and silver are still the truest measure of financial stability. The reasons that gold, silver, and now Bitcoin are the purest forms of money that humanity has chosen to adopt can be found in the properties of these commodities. Gold, silver, and Bitcoin have a finite amount that can be produced, meaning they are inherently scarce. These commodities cannot be artificially replicated meaning another entity won’t be able to devalue your wealth by simply creating more.

There has never been a paper currency that has survived any noteworthy length of time. This is because by nature paper is abundant and can be created to the point of being worthless. Gold and silver are assets created by the turbulent pressure, heat and time of the earth’s magma flows. They have always been a part of our existence. We as a people have always found intrinsic value in them. Even as the developers of Bitcoin were creating the currency of the Internet they made sure to follow a digital equivalent of the money properties of gold.

Buy gold bullion online as your preferred method of investing in physical bullion. The reason for this is clear – with the discovery capabilities of the internet, people can easily check things like the spot price of gold and compare dealer premiums around the country to make sure they are getting the most return on their investment.

Comparing gold prices is one of the things that Veldt Gold encourages its customers to do on a regular basis.

It is Safer to Buy Your Gold Bullion Online?

Another reason why we encourage our customers to buy gold bullion online because it is generally safer than going to your local coin shop. The reasons for this are quite logical as it is easy for shady characters to profile a local shop and see who the main buyers are. When you buy gold bullion online from Veldt Gold your gold bullion arrives in inconspicuous packaging. There is nothing on our shipping boxes that indicates the contents of the package could be in the value of several thousands of dollars. Buy gold for Bitcoin online with Veldt Gold for peace of mind and a clear win for the safety of you – the investor.


At Veldt Gold we sell gold products for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash from the following mints:[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”12229,12155,12147,12117,12115,12113,12107,12106,12105″ onclick=”custom_link” img_size=”medium” custom_links=”https://veldtgold.com/product-category/south-african-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/pamp-suisse/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/credit-suisse/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/austrian-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/united-states-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/royal-canadian-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/mexican-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/royal-canadian-mint/,https://veldtgold.com/product-category/australian-perth-mint/”][/vc_column][/vc_row]