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Buy Silver With Bitcoin

Written by Veldt Gold
Sep 24, 2021
Veldt Gold
Sep 24, 2021

Buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin

Here at Veldt Gold you can buy gold and silver with Bitcoin. You can also sell gold and silver bullion to us for Bitcoin. We strive to make your buying experience of buying gold and silver, and other precious metals with Bitcoin easy and smooth. If you’re new to Bitcoin and would like to learn more about it, please visit the following information pages: What is Bitcoin? How to Get Bitcoin? Bitcoin Payment Process If you already have a Bitcoin wallet and enough Bitcoin in it to buy gold and silver, or any of your favorite bullion products from Veldt Gold then our guide on how to make your first bullion purchase with Bitcoin will help you in this process! – Start by checking the latest spot prices. – Continue by browsing our selection of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. – The prices on our website are displayed in US Dollars, but you can use the currency converter in the top-right corner of every page to view what each product will cost you in Bitcoin. – Click on the bullion products that interest you to get more information. Once happy with your selection, add the products to your cart in desired quantities. – When you’re finished adding products to your cart, proceed to check out. You’ll have an option of logging in to your account with Veldt Gold if you are a previous customer. If you haven’t shopped with us before you will be able to check out as a guest or create a new customer account so you can buy bullion for bitcoin easier in the future. – During the final stage of the checkout process you’ll be able to view your subtotal and shipping costs in US Dollars. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method if you wish to pay with Bitcoin. Then tick the box to agree with our Terms and Conditions, and click Place Order. – You will then see a page with a QR code, and our Bitcoin payment address. You may use either of those to send us your Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin address is the long line of letters and numbers, and the image is the QR code, which you can scan with your mobile wallet app on your smartphone to make the payment. Pay with your Mobile Wallet Open your chosen Bitcoin wallet app on your smartphone, pull up an option to scan a QR code to send Bitcoins, and scan the QR code with your phone to make the payment. You should then see a confirmation that your payment has been successfully sent. Pay with your Online/Software Wallet If you do not have a mobile wallet, you have the option of transferring Bitcoins to our Bitcoin payment address located underneath the Pay with Bitcoin button. Although all Bitcoin wallets are slightly different, they all operate in a similar way. Log in to your online or software wallet and choose an option to “Send Bitcoin.” You will then be asked to enter a Bitcoin address to send the Bitcoin to. Copy our payment address that you see on the screen, and paste it into your Bitcoin wallet. Complete the payment process in your wallet client and your order with Veldt Gold should be placed! We will update you on the status of your via e-mail, and you will receive a final email saying your order is complete once the package leaves our facility. Please check our Payment and Shipping Information page for more information on other payment methods and our shipping costs.

If you have any further questions on what Bitcoin is, how to get it, where to store it, and how to use it to buy gold and silver with Bitcoin on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.