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When it comes to gold bars, the bigger gold bars you buy, the less premium over the spot price. For gold investors, the 1 gram gold bar is an excellent choice, but some people do like the smaller bars because you can piece them out easier. People who want to buy gold bars with Ethereum or Bitcoin will likely go for the 1-ounce size because this is the most popular, but the 1 gram and 10 gram sizes are also pretty popular.

Investors never have a hard time buying or selling any of these gold bars since they are very liquid and popular. Gold bars are produced at 99.9% purity always, and coins are only produced at 91.67% purity, so you are getting a much better gold content with the gold bars. If you want to buy gold bars with Bitcoin, with Litecoin or other cryptos, you can do so from many Mints, including PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, Credit Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint and also from generic brands.

Gold: 1,859.79 | Silver: 27.88 | Platinum: 1,151.31 | Palladium: 2,843.27