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Sell Gold for Bitcoin, Sell Silver for Bitcoin

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SELL GOLD FOR BITCOIN. sell silver for bitcoin

We also pay for bullion in Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, and Monero

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Veldt Gold Selling Process

1. Receive a Quote

Contact us via the contact form below to receive an estimated quote. Please note that the minimum sale amount is $1,000. Please also check our AML Policy if potentially selling more than $20,000 worth of bullion.

2. Ship Your Items

Should you decide to proceed with the trade, we will provide you with a shipping address. Please refer to our Buyback Terms and Conditions for more information on selling to us.

3. Get paid

Your quote may change as the markets move while your items are in transit. If not locked in previously, your quote may be recalculated when your package is processed. We will contact you with a final quote for your approval once we receive and inspect your package. We will also ask for your wallet address to send the payment.

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By clicking Request Quote you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions should you proceed with the sale.

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Earlier in the world, the system of tight binding of the value of money to the reserves of precious metals dominated the world. The logic here is quite simple: gold is difficult to obtain, it is impossible to forge, and the amount of this metal on our planet is limited, which means that its value will only increase. The approach is probably right and even reliable. However, now it seems a little outdated, if not for states, then for independent investors for sure.


Cryptocurrencies have a specific power in the world of finance. For example, bitcoin grew by almost 500%; other well-known digital currencies also showed growth and confidently increased in price. Many investors received massive profits in just a few weeks, while in the stock market one has to wait for such gains for many decades. It is not surprising that those who own the cryptocurrency are eager to increase their reserves, and those who have not bought crypto before, are playing catch up. This is where Veldt Gold comes in.

Veldt Gold’s Mission

We allow all levels of investors to sell bullion for Bitcoin, for Litecoin, for Ethereum, for DASH, or for Monero quickly and easily. Buying them from you, we pay you out in a cryptocurrency, thereby helping to replenish your existing savings for further income from them. Also, due to changes in the financial sector, which we mentioned earlier, it is more logical to invest in the crypto than in precious metals, so to sell gold online is a great solution in these circumstances.

Why Sell Silver Online? Why Sell Gold Online?

Fluctuating Dollar

The US dollar is prone to fluctuations. During the lowest drops in dollar price, most investors usually begin to change course and buy gold, but with the appearance of cryptocurrencies, the world’s wealthiest people started to buy the digital currency, hoping for its growth. Investors perceive the crypto as a haven of their savings, based on which it is logical to say that the benefits of selling platinum, palladium and other metals for the crypto are apparent.

Cryptocurrency Potential

If 2-3 years ago, a few projects were engaged in the payments related to cryptocurrency, now the number of such exchange points have grown significantly. There was a huge demand among users; accordingly, the offer also appeared. Under these conditions, the cost of crypto will grow, so getting a digital currency from selling bullion and coins is more than justified.