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Buy Silver with Bitcoin and Pay Online With Your Wallet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Enabling millions of users to process payments online without the intervention of banking institutions or needing the use of a credit card since the year of 2008, the popular currency known as Bitcoin provides a great gateway to purchasing goods without the need of keeping track of all of the different foreign exchange rates. Bitcoin, understandably, has become extremely popular […]

Agora Commodities Now Accepting Litecoin

Already the largest Bitcoin to precious metals dealer, Agora Commodities is extending its commitment to crypto-currencies by being the first bullion dealer on the planet to except Litecoin for gold and silver. While the concept of digital currency is not new, the realization of it being a viable means of doing business and storing value is. […]

What’s Being Bought With Bitcoin?

What is being bought with Bitcoin?  Well, from previous posts, we know of a pub in Australia that accepts Bitcoins for booze. In my opinion, that’s excellent news. Furthermore, we know that there is a Bitcoin ATM set up in a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada. On a different note, we also are aware that some […]

Silver Fundametals vs Silver Price

The Silver Price is an interesting commodity to study as it is not traded strictly as a commodity and not exactly as a hedge against inflation like gold. Silver is used extensively in industry though its demand has declined in recent years as digital cameras have grown in ease and functionality to replace traditional photography. […]