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PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse

Looking at the premier bullion brands in the world, one stands out among the rest—PAMP Suisse. Founded in 1977 and based out of Ticino, Switzerland, this is a mint subsidiary of MKS Switzerland that trades precious metals. This particular company has been on the important Gold List of LBMA since 1987. The LBMA is the London Bullion Market Association, giving out designations to high-quality services and products.

PAMP Suisse offers services ranging from precious metal minting to refining both secondary and primary precious metals. Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are included on the list. They also send out precious metal blanks for various financial institutions and governments. They are unique because they retain more than 50 percent of the overall gold bar market, and are known as an innovator in the precious metals world for many reasons.

PAMP Suisse is an important innovator because it pioneered the engineering process, allowing for colored bar designs, added ingot hangers for jewelry wearing, decorating the reverse side of bars, as well as being the first fabricator to offer airtight packaging for small bars. There are also anti-counterfeiting measures first designed by PAMP Suisse, which include a holographic image in each precious metal. This set the stage for other mints to create an anti-counterfeiting mechanism in their products.

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