Mexican Mint

Brief History

As the oldest mint in the Americas, it is rather unfortunate that the national mint of Mexico does not enjoy the same attention as the Royal Canadian Mint or the United States Mint. Named as La Casa de Moneda de México, the mint was founded in 1535 in the aftermath of Spain’s successful conquest of the Aztec empire. Ideally situated in the country’s capital of Mexico City, the Mexican Mint has been widely regarded as the primary foundation that gave rise to the establishment of national currencies such as the U.S Dollar, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen.

Bullion Coins

To commemorate its 100th anniversary of independence from Spain, the Mexican Mint manufactured its first gold bullion coin. Known as the Centenario coin, its subsequent release to the public caught the eye of many investors. These coins are still available for purchase and the Banco de Mexico has issued a 50 Pesos face value for each coin.

In light of the overwhelming demand for the Centenario coin, the Mexican Mint launched the Mexican Libertad coin as its official bullion coin in 1982. The coin is available in both gold and silver, each bearing identical designs found on the original Centenario coin. At the turn of the millennium, the coin series received an update that saw minor aesthetic changes made to its design. However, important specifications such as weight, purity, and year of minting remained unchanged.

During its inaugural year, total mintage production of the Mexican Gold Libertad reached approximately one million. The production line suffered from consistent disruptions as the series was pulled from the catalog, enjoyed brief returns between 1991 – 1994 and 2000 – 2001, before finally becoming a permanent fixture of the Mexican Mint. Currently, the Mexican Gold Libertad is available in all five sizes, 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz. Production of these coins remains highly controlled, with an annual figure that seldom exceeds 10,000.

Types of Authentication

Before committing to any investment decisions regarding these coins, potential buyers should be aware of the certifications used to authenticate their quality. First and foremost, serious investors are most likely to be interested in coins that are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Nonetheless, there are other terms that are commonly used by professional grading services.

  • Proof-like: Highly-rated and possesses similar visual appeal as compared to a proof coin.
  • Deeply-mirrored: Used to describe the coin’s clear presentation of its background field.
  • MS69: Coins that are in near-perfect condition, blighted by a maximum of two minor detracting flaws.
  • MS70: Perfect coins with no damage or flaws.

Where to Buy

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